We want to say Thankyou! to everyone who donated towards gifting a cow to Africa.

Let's see if we can add another 6 cows to our herd during 2017!

A cow is enough to provide a family with 3,000 litres of milk a year Milk provides whole nutrition to the whole family and brings in a steady source of income. In addition a cows manure provides an effective fertiliser which helps promote stronger, and healthier crop yields. Families who recieve a cow pass on their first female calf to another family and so by sending one cow we are actually helping to start a chain of support.
Over this past year, with your help, we have sent 6 cows over to Africa... That's almost half a herd!!!

Annets Story

Melissa Zalwango loves to take care of her parent's cow and calf in Uganda. Her mother has seen a huge improvement in the family's life since they recieved their livestock. The manure has been used to help grow their vegetables and they make money every day from selling their surplus. Their future plans include going large scale with their vegetable production - an amazing turn around for a family that couldn't even eat vegetables before!
Annet and her husband, Moses, were isolated before because of their poverty. Now they are well known in the community and have friends. They have been able to buy things that they could only dream of before.

"The milk from the cow has really helped. Our family is now stable.
I used to be really ill. I was encouraged to drink milk, but I couldn't afford to buy it.
Now I don't have to because it is here in my home.
Everyone's health is so much better now." - Annet Kayanja, Ugandan farmer

To donate to our fundraising project and help our cause, Send a Cow, please follow the link below. You can donate any amount, and no contribution is too large or too small!

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