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FINEST Gluten Free Biltong
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Our FINEST Biltong contains no sugar, no preservatives, no MSG, no e-numbers, no gluten, no wheat, 
nuts or dairy! 

Recent nutritional analysis also shows our FINEST, medium, no fat Biltong to contain a HUGE 61.9g 
of protein per 100g bag! If you know your protein levels in food, you will know that this is an incredible
protein figure, perfect for athletes of all descriptions! But also ideal for healthy eating plans, high protein 
diets etc. 

As a result of hundreds of enquiries by so many nutritionists, organic experts, personal trainers and
 dietary professionals, for a gluten free, sugar free, "e" number free biltong, The 
Chichester Biltong Company is proud to offer our FINEST biltong to date. Made by using only the finest 
closed-herd, local beef, herbs and spices with as few ingredients as possible. 

dried, sliced and seasoned beef
Ingredients: 220g of beef used for
every 100g of biltong, salt, coriander
distilled spirit vinegar, garlic, chilli
nutmeg, pepper
 Nutritional Infop/100gp/35g Reference
 Energy kJ1239433.58400
 Energy kcal293102.52000

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