Biltong Big Bags

Quite simply, we only ever use fantastic, top quality, 100% British & Irish beef silverside to make our award-winning biltong. No messing, just the very best we can do. This commitment to quality and the highest standards for our products, is why we only use the finest herbs and spices. The very best money can buy, always!

Peppered Steak - 220g of beef used for every 100g of biltong, salt, coriander, distilled spirit vinegar, garlic, chilli, nutmeg, pepper, preservatives (sodium nitrate & potassium sorbate).
Peri Peri - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, just with more chilli and garlic
Garlic - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but more garlic
Habanero Chilli - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but with more crushed habanero chilli
BBQ - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list above, but to get that distinctive BBQ flavour, we have added, paprika, brown sugar and smoke flavouring
Teriyaki - as per the Peppered Steak Ingredient list, and including paprika, brown sugar, onion, yeast extract, cassia, ginger, tomato and citric acid.

Typical nutritional values p/100g p/35g Reference intake per day
Energy kJ 1,242 435 8,400
Energy kcal 294 103 2000
Fat 4 1.5 70
Saturates 2 0.6 20
Carbohydrate 3 1.1 260
Sugars 1 0.3 90
Protein 61.9 21 50
Salt 4.2 1.5 6

Important Storage Information

This is fresh, natural beef biltong containing only minimal preservatives. Once opened, you must decant and consume within 3 days.

Once you receive your order of biltong, you can open the bag anytime within:
- 3 weeks for a 500g bag
- 2 weeks for a 1kg bag
- 1 week for a 2kg bag

DO refrigerate on an uncovered plate, DO freeze in small batches

DO NOT cover with film or foil, DO NOT use tupperware to store, DO NOT store in a jar, DO NOT leave in the (opened) bag




Biltong 500g Bags