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9 Ways To Eat Biltong

Simon Smith - Monday, January 11, 2016

We all know biltong is a tasty snack, but what about cranking it up and making it the focal part of a whole meal? We’ve tried and tested a load of recipes and here are our favourites:

  1. Biltong Carbonara
    Why use bacon when you can use the more exotic and adventurous biltong? The creaminess of your favourite carbonara combines fantastically with the spices of the meat. And guess what, it’s healthier than bacon too!

  2. Biltong Quiche
    Another perfect dish to substitute bacon for biltong, which makes for a far richer taste. Compliment it with various vegetables and herbs, and some extra mature cheese; you’ll be onto a winner.

  3. Biltong Salad
    With 100% flavour and less than 4% fat, biltong is perfect for any salad, and makes dieting a much easier process. High protein and a rich savoury taste will certainly get the nod from your dietician.

  4. Biltong Oregano French Toast
    Courtesy of Sandy Cadiz-Smith, this classic/breakfast/brunch dish works perfectly with biltong.

  5. Biltong Soup
    It’s getting colder here on our Sussex farm, and there’s nothing better than a biltong soup on a cold winter night. Biltong can be added to any of your favourite soups, including blue cheese, tomato, seafood chowder, or any creamy soup.

  6. Biltong Risotto
    Time to change that tasty but tired recipe, because there’s a new boy in town: biltong! Add our biltong to raise your risotto game and bring in a new texture.

  7. Biltong Pizza
    This one may not be so popular with your dietician, but it sure is tasty! Simply add biltong to the topping of a homemade pizza and you’re on your way to a proper meat feast pizza.

  8. Biltong, Broad Beans and Garlic
    Biltong dishes really don’t come much simpler than this, it’s a tasty starter and is cooked in minutes. Based on a Spanish dish using ham instead of biltong, you simply chuck in the three ingredients, a little bit of olive oil, a quick fry and you’re done.

  9. Original Biltong
    Nothing beats the beautiful stuff on its own, and guess what, there’s a 0-second preparation time. Our secret recipe of pepper, coriander and other herbs and spices was born in the South African desert over 50 years ago, and is a delicious standalone snack.

So what are you waiting for? Satisfy your hunger and get cooking with our biltong, available here.

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