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New 35g portion size bags or the traditional 500g and 1kg sacks ... and you now get more biltong for your money. This new, top-notch packaging allows our biltong to last for up to 4 times longer than it used to. Why 35g bags? ......because you asked for this en masse. Throw a bag in your child's lunchbox, in your gym bag, in your desk drawer at work. Lekker!

Our biltong flavours:BBQ, Mexican adobo, 
habanero, West Indian, garlic, teriyaki, aromatic oriental, peri peri and peppered steak

About Chichester Biltong

Our beginning

We started this business in a shoe box...the shoe box changed to a wine case, then to an old army trunk, and has now become the second largest biltong-drying chamber in the UK and certainly the most sophisticated and hi-tech.

We are based on an organic farm on the glorious Sussex coast and not to put too fine a point on it - our biltong is considered the best in Europe! Not only do the awards prove it, but most of the best retailers in this country actually sell our biltong in their own branded bags!

Garlic biltong

Our beef

We only source our beef from quality, 100% British closed-herd farms. Our cows are able to graze on fresh and delicious grass, having a proper life.

We marinade the beef in the finest herbs and spices, before hanging it to dry for 4-5 days, depending on how you like it. We then slice the biltong sticks to order, and send it to you.

Teriyaki biltong

Our secret recipe

Our biltong recipe comes from one Mr Willem Van de Ploeg, a friend and former employee of Simon's father's Partridge Restaurant in South Africa. When Willem retired, he went to live in the middle of the Namibian Desert, where people would trek over 60km to see his oil paintings and taste his biltong. Willem graciously shared his secret with Simon and it is this traditional, delicious recipe that The Chichester Biltong Company is founded upon.

Peri Peri biltong

What our customers think...

- " We have ordered from you many times before and always received excellent service. However, Nina who dealt with our order this time went above and beyond!"

- " Just want to say, excellent company. Very helpful. Dealt with a little problem without question. But especially fantastic Biltong! Many thanks x"

- " Congrats on producing an excellent biltong, the teriyaki is fantastic and the original is exactly how I remember it in SA."

- " The postman just delivered my biltong and it is really LEKKER!"

- " You're the best as always! Love the great service. Thanks!"

- " Very impressed with the product and price, I have ordered again and suspect I shall remain a customer"

- " Just wanted to drop you a message to tell you how amazing I think your Biltong is and how much I enjoy getting a new batch of it whenever I can! Seriously, your Biltong is fantastic - I try to get a batch every month just after payday, but I'm never able to stretch it out long enough to last me until next payday. I just can't resist it!"

- " I ordered biltong from you last week Thursday and it arrived today. Just to say thank you for the prompt service and free biltong. Will definitely order again."

- " This is a fantastic product and I'll definitely be ordering more once I get back from vacation."

Mexican Adobo biltong

Sprinkly Bits ROCK

Sprinkly bits in your eggs, on a salad, on a pizza, in gravy ...... blerry lekker my china !   Read More View comment

Flavour vs Flavour

To celebrate our Flavour Fest we asked you guys what your favourite biltong flavours are, and the votes are in! Peppered Steak was the outright wi  Read More View comment

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